Frazzled to Free: The Soulful Momma's Guide to Meaningful Work

Did you become a mom and immediately find that your career no longer works for you?

Do you long to be doing something different but aren’t sure what or how? Or how you’ll even find time and energy to make it happen with such a busy life?

After more than a decade of personal experience in picking the exact wrong careers, Kayla Berg offers a much easier and simpler way to find soulful, meaningful work that is both a joy to do and works with the demands of family life. Because how you spend your working time matters.
She shares this framework in this book along with how to:

  • Discover the dream career that both lights you up AND works for your family
  • quiet overactive mind chatter that keeps you up at night
  • discover your gifts and how they can lead you to the meaningful work you crave
  • Figure out what’s holding you back from making a change and what to do about it
  • refocus your life so you have the time and energy for a career change


          Looking for the Frazzle to Free Toolkit? Look no further!

As a Thank You for reading Frazzled to Free: A Soulful Momma's Guide to Finding Meaningful Work, I have included a bonus 5-day audio series AND a couple of meditations for you in the Toolkit! Click the images below and you'll be brought directly to the downloads. Enjoy! 

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