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Marriage isn’t supposed to be this hard … Is it?

        It shouldn’t be this hard to find time, energy, and ways to connect and stay connected.  You try – often more than he does, it seems – to keep your marriage blooming and vibrant with clear communication, but somewhere along the way, as you started your business, had some kids, and went through some things, your marriage went from thriving and lush to parched, wilted, and full of weeds. You’re wondering how you ended up in this mess and what to do about it.  
        Wonder no more. You can plant the seeds for a truly connected, lighter feeling, happier, and supportive relationship that energizes, renews, and feeds you both. It can be a space that gives you life rather than drains it away. In Regrow Your Relationship Intuitive Relationship Coach and Author, Kayla Berg, helps you to:

  • get to the root of the issues weighing your relationship down
  • clear the air of stagnant energy and old patterns that are no longer working for you
  • communicate your needs, wants, and desires so they’re met and not ignored
  • establish the boundaries that will take you to a new level of connection together
  • learn the secrets to truly feeling supported, seen, and heard
  • find your power, speak your truth, and open your heart to the thriving relationship you know you deserve.
  • thrive in love no matter what chaos is happening around you (ahem, kids)

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About the Author

Kayla Berg is the Bestselling Author of Frazzled to Free: The Soulful Momma’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work, an Intuitive Relationship Coach, and founder of The Institute of Love & Magic.
After seeing so many women kill it in business, but oftentimes, find that it’s at the expense of their marriage and personal relationships, Kayla took it on as her mission to use her superpowers to teach high-achieving, powerful women how they can bring balance into their lives and still be incredible wives and mothers.
She lives in Edmonton with her husband, their two small boys, and a small zoo.  A magic loving book nerd at heart, Kayla spends her free time reading, sipping tea, sharing love and magic, and hunting down missing socks.

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